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We specialise in bespoke, custom and unique multivendormarketplaces built and managed specifically for you and your business.

We specialise in bespoke, custom and unique multivendormarketplaces built and managed specifically for you and your business.


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Why use us for your next marketplace project?

With a wealth of experience in marketplace web development, we have proven track record for creating beautiful, engaging and successful solutions for our clients.

We Host Strategy Workshops

Before we start UX design our team of strategists will run consultation workshops with you. This creates effective collaboration to drive the project in the best direction and ensure we are creating the best digital strategy initiatives for you.

We Are Highly Experienced

It can be a daunting experience developing your first marketplace project. We've been creating successful marketplaces for over 10 years, gaining a wealth of experience that is invaluable to our clients.

We Use The Latest Technologies

Our custom marketplace platforms are built using the latest opensource technologies such as Laravel PHP and Vue.js. When combined with cloud hosting this creates a highly scalable, fast and secure marketplace that is built to grow with your business.

We Are Agile

Our agile approach to marketplace development enables us to deliver faster, better results. Working in sprints allows us to focus on MVP features, allowing us to launch quickly while simultaneously releasing versions of your marketplace along the way.

Feature rich and customisable marketplaceplatforms with a wealth of available options

Handling transactions, stock levels, communication, shipping methods and marketing campaigns, these platforms need careful planning and building from the outset. Code23 can oversee the birth of your marketplace solution from initial concept to a consistent, predictable stream of orders for its users.

Custom UX Design

Our UX team will work closely with you to insure your marketplace is on brand and aimed at your target market. Our designs are focused on strong UX foundations and conversion theories, using our wealth of experience in this sector to maximise your user engagement.

Seller Managed Stores

We make it easy for your sellers to list and manage their store in one easy step, with all the tools they need to get started, leaving you free to grow the platform.

Customisable Fees

Get complete control over seller and buyer fees by choosing who pays; the buyer, the seller, or both. Our system seamlessly manages the entire process for you.

Stripe Connect Payments

Using Stripe's Connect payments system, our marketplaces allow seamless onboarding for sellers and the distribution of multiple payments to each sellers on checkout.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Our solutions are entirely web-based and include all the essential SEO functionality you’ll need to get your marketplace and your customers’ products to rank online.

Pricing Management

Fully customisable pricing structures provide a stronger and more competitive marketplace. We’ll give you the tools to empower your sellers to apply discounts and base prices to their products, simply and with ease.

Progressive Web App (PWA)

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) combine the look and feel of an app but are distributed through the web rather than through the app store. With a PWA customers can view your website in offline mode and with the help of the service worker it loads instantly.

Buyer and Seller Ratings

The modern sales process is all about building trust between buyer and seller. Reviews now form a core part of the buying journey, which is why our marketplaces allow a 2-way rating system where buyers and sellers can rate each other, thus encouraging transparency and inspiring marketplace confidence.

Email Notifications

Building a successful online store require lots of direct communication with buyers. This is why we’ve built in email notifications to handle and automate many of these daily transactions.

Stock Availability

Online stores rely on perfect stock data, and you can’t provide that without a robust system that’s live, easy-to-update, and managed by your sellers. We’ll ensure that your marketplace is up-to-date (based on seller data), giving you and your sellers a robust, controlled stock and sales system.

Internal Messaging

Sometimes, a quick message is better and more convenient than a call and it’s more likely to happen, too. Our marketplaces provide users with the ability to message each other while giving you overall control over the messages and data, if you need it.

Market Moderation

Giving your sellers complete control doesn’t always result in the best brand image for your online marketplace, which is why we have two types of moderation. This ensures you can keep tabs on the items for sale and ensure everything on your marketplace fits within your brand ethos and business model.

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