Teachers to Your Home

Increasing revenue by 80% –  The power of automating your manual website systems.


They Needed to Automate Their Processes

Gillian and her business Teachers To Your Home came to Code23 requiring a solution for digitally pairing students looking for home tutoring with local teachers in their area. Ah…a C2C multi-vendor marketplace solution we thought!

Their existing website was built on a very outdated system (some say, there were pieces made of old wood in the CMS somewhere) Making the platform very slow, disjointed and an absolute administrative nightmare. The manual labour involved in processing orders was taking up valuable time for all involved.

Tutors were uploading timesheets to the platform and Gillian and her partner were manually sorting through the submissions and calculating the hours worked and payments owed. Then manually making BACS payments. I’m tired just typing it to be honest.

So they came to us looking for a new platform and a new lease of life. They needed an agency that understood the problems and could streamline their existing functionality and automate their processes. Importantly, to much improve the experience for customers and free up time for Gillain and her team.


Custom Software Solution and User Interface Design

User Experience (UX) and Visual Design

The wizards at Code23 built a custom application, based on the Laravel PHP framework meaning we could automate almost all of their manual processes ensured the application would easily grow alongside TTYH as they provided more services to both the tutors and end-users.

  • User Experience (UX) and Visual Design
  • Code23 overhauled both the front and backend of the site. Improving the User
  • Experience (UX) with a redesigned User Interface (UI) for both the customers and the various levels of registered users.

The backend required three levels of access for employees, teachers and parents.

Employees can approve new accounts, update financial information and perform day-to-day activities like approving timesheets.

Tutors can log in to submit timesheets, view earnings and communicate with parents.

Parents can access and check timesheets, communicate with the teachers and set up their payment options.

User journeys were mapped and the User Interface (UI) redesigned from the ground up to ensure the best possible experience for everyone navigating the site. This is hugely important because as all good developers know, the design and UI of the front and back-end are equally crucial to the customer experience.

New visuals were designed to give the portal a premium, upmarket look and feel, in line with the super high quality of tuition TTYH are renowned for.


We integrated Stripe Connect to automate many of the previously manual tasks. Stripe Connect allows the parents to make payments, TTYH to collect the payments along with their commission, then pay the tutors. All automatically, all on the same day. Result!

A process that previously took the client 2-3 days every month, now requires no involvement from them at all.

The backend was rebuilt from the ground up. So it’s much faster and easier to use. Onboarding new staff at TTYH is now much quicker because they have a platform that they understand and can pick up easily.

Increase in Revenue
Increase in Website Visitors
Increase in Leads

80% Revenue Increase

The growth and scalability of the business since we built the platform has been superb . Not just a huge success in terms of revenue but time saved for both TTYH employees and the Tutors too.

“Since working with Code23 and the grand unification of our website, admin and payment system we have:

  • Revenue increased by 80%
  • Website visitor number increased by 2.4 times
  • Time and costs saved – prior to payment system about 80 – 100 hours each month required to collect and then transfer funds from client to teacher. This is now fully automatic and takes just a few minutes to process and has removed the block which prevented us from upscaling
  • Leads increased by 65%