Custom Software

We specialise in uniquely tailored bespoke software for startups through to enterprise.

We specialise in uniquely tailored bespoke software for startups through to enterprise.
Our award winning team will be your trusted digital partner - from concept, to launch and beyond.


We design and build innovative custom software solutions and digital products.

Our software development team are specialists in building custom solutions that are tailored to your businesses requirements.

Through constantly exploring new technologies, our full stack team uses modern web frameworks like Vue.js, React and Node.js to make sure your digital product is always on the best technology stack possible. But technical ability is only part of the picture, our thoughtful UI and UX design allows us to deliver complex systems that are also visually impressive and easy to use.

We understand it’s often impossible to know everything up front, so we embrace changing requirements. Our agile approach to bespoke software development enables us to deliver faster, better results.

From project managers, UX designers, digital managers, developers and even advice from our in-house marketing team, a full support system is in place to support your custom software development project.

Transform your business with a bespoke software development partner

A talented UK based team experienced in creating successful custom digital products

Our custom software development team has extensive experience in designing, developing and launching custom software products.

Multi Vendor Marketplaces

We create user-focused marketplaces that increase engagement and boost conversions.


What are the benefits of Custom Software Development?

Choosing between custom software development and the seemingly less expensive ‘off-the-shelf’ option is a challenging decision faced by many businesses.

But for businesses seeking a software solution truly tailored to their needs, bespoke software development is the way to go.
Some of the benefits of using a specialist software development company include the following.

  1. Understanding and solving real businesses challenges
  2. Creating a unique and innovative product tailored to you
  3. Built with scalability and future growth in mind
  4. Allowing integrations with third party tools
  5. Providing a better long term return on investment
  6. Starting a trusted partnership with a knowledgeable team

Are you looking for a reliable software development company?

Why use Code23 for your bespoke software development?

A fully supported service

We offer you the full support of our expert custom software development agency. From digital strategists, project managers, UX/UI designers, full stack developers and even advice from our in-house marketing team, a full support system is in place here in Reading, Berkshire for your business.

Collaborative approach

Our team will work with you to understand your challenges and will advise you on the best solution for your business.
Our expertise in bespoke software development allows you the freedom to flex your creative muscles and not be limited by dull design themes and pre-programmed tools – giving you the freedom to flourish.

Over 18 years of experience

We have been building custom software for over 18 years and whilst we’re proud of our past successes, our attention has always remained focussed on facing the future through our core values.
Like the online world, our agency’s experience has grown rapidly over the years. From building brochure websites to developing business-critical apps and complex eCommerce platforms.

Multi-sector experience

We have worked in a wide variety of industries, from online retail and e-commerce systems, to platforms in the financial, music, wellness, education and trade sectors, with every sector having a set of bespoke challenges to overcome.
Your project can benefit from our multi-sector experience, creating a stress tested and profit generating business from day one.

Kickstart your project with a tried and tested software development process

Our 6 stage software development process for a successful launch

1. Product Discovery

- Understand the business goals

- Identify the target audience

- Discuss the functionality and features

4. Development

- Architecture and development

- Pre launch in-depth QA

- Release a scalable product to market

2. User Experience (UX)

- Confirm it achieves the user's goals

- Create low fidelity diagrams

- Walk-through user journeys

5. Optimisation

- Analyse user behaviour and data

- Resolve user barriers from MVP

- Review and align business goals

3. User Interface (UI)

- Design wireframes

- Create high fidelity screens

- Cross-device responsiveness

6. Support & Growth

- Managed cloud hosting and devops

- Continued development support

- Further alignment of business goals

Google 5.0 star rating

Work with our 5-Star rated
UK based software development team

Schedule a call with our software team to discuss your requirement


Teachers to Your Home

Custom Laravel Marketplace solution pairs students looking for home tutoring with local teachers in their area.

  • Digital Strategy
  • CRM Development
  • UX Design Workshop
  • Laravel Custom Development
  • Marketplace Platform
  • Stripe Connect API
View Case Study


Custom B2B Marketplace platform that brings together independent music artists with sound engineers, booking agents and venues.

  • Digital Strategy
  • CRM Development
  • UX Design Workshop
  • Laravel Custom Development
  • Marketplace Platform
  • Stripe Connect API
Coming Soon

XP Power

We were tasked with building an improved eCommerce platform to replace their existing solution, including several API integrations including product stock levels with several large XP Power distributor sources.

  • UX Design Workshop
  • Laravel Custom Development with VueJS
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Product Management System
  • Distributor Dashboard
View Case Study


We developed a tanning salon management platform with a complex hardware integration using Laravel, allowing TAN to run their business without the need for on-site staff.

  • UX Design Workshop
  • Raspberry Pi Integration
  • Laravel Custom Development
  • Integrated Terminal Payments
  • IoT integration
View Case Study


We developed a multi tenant SAAS platform to enable schools to collect bursary information from parents when. This platform replaced a legacy build that wasn’t fit for purpose.

  • UX Design Workshop
  • Laravel Custom Development
  • Complex Product Importer
  • Multiple API Connections
  • Multi-language Capabilities
Coming soon


A multi vendor solution connecting pharmacies to the wider healthcare market

  • Digital Strategy
  • UX Design Workshop
  • Laravel Custom Development
  • Marketplace Platform
  • Stripe Connect API
Coming Soon

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    Frequently asked questions

    Software development is the process of designing and developing digital products and services.
    Bespoke software or custom software, is used when an off the shelf software is not fit for purpose and a business needs something tailored to their exact needs.
    Some of the most common examples of custom software development include:

    1. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems
    2. Content Management Systems (CMS)
    3. Resource Planning Software
    4. Operations Management Software
    5. eCommerce Software

    The Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is the process followed for software development projects.
    The SDLC defines a methodology for increasing the quality and improving the overall development process. A typical Software Development Life Cycle will follow the below steps:

    1. Planning and discovery
    2. Clear definition of requirements
    3. Product Architecture
    4. Development
    5. QA and Testing
    6. Launch

    There are both advantages and disadvantages to custom software development and off the shelf software.
    With off the shelf software you are selecting a pre-built platform, that will use existing design and code templates, to launch your software product. If you are working to a tight timeline with limited budgets, off the shelf may be the best option for you.
    Alternatively, with bespoke software development you are building a product that is tailored to your exact needs, meaning you can spec out the required features and functionality from the outset.
    And more importantly, if your concept is complex and requires multiple integrations, or you want to retain the IP, a custom solution is the route to take.

    The time it takes to build your custom software will be dependent on the features and functionality required. Our approach starts with the Research and Product Discovery phase, before moving into User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI), and finally into MVP development or full development..
    But we don’t stop there. Unlike other providers, we will guide and support you as your business grows and challenges throughout your journey.

    The short answer is that the cost of custom software development will depend entirely on the features and functionality required.
    The first step in our approach is always the Product Discovery stage, from which we will better understand your requirements and create a business roadmap forward with you.

    Yes. We offer you the full support of our expert digital product development and agency team. From project managers, UX designers, digital managers, developers and even advice from our in-house marketing team, a full support system is in place for your business.

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