Progressive Web Application Development

Our Progressive Web App development team creates cost-effective alternatives to native apps.

Our Progressive Web App development team creates cost-effective alternatives to native apps.
Grow traffic and improve your mobile presence with a single cross platform solution.

Fully Responsive
Fast Load Times
Cross Platform
SEO Friendly

A modern approach to app development

We build Progressive Web Applications that load fast, increase engagement and improve your brands visibility on search engines.

Our Progressive Web App solutions can be built with core features, such as offline browsing and push notifications, whilst retaining a native app-like UI that your users will love – all without breaking the bank.

With our UK based PWA developer team, we will guide and support you – helping you make the right decisions throughout your journey. Helping identify and optimise to your target audience through our Product Discovery, UX and UI Worktops, to deliver a successful Progessive Web Application.

You will have full control over your user’s experience. Designed and developed for you, a completely custom cross platform solution to ensure your customers are always up to date.

Start growing your business with an expert PWA developer team

What are the characteristics of a Progressive Web Application?

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) look and feel like the more traditional native apps, but are preferred for being run within the user’s device browser, making the information more accessible and removing the need to download from an app store.


Not only making use of the user’s device or browser features but enhancing them.


Being easily discoverable in search engines gives PWA an advantage over native apps.


Enables the PWA to reload and retain its state when users save or share the URL.


Cross platform custom UX/UI to enable seamless transitions between devices and browsers.

Like an App

The look and feel of a native app and with little to no page refreshes.


Regardless of network connection (low or none at all) your application stays online.


Securely hosted over HTTPS to help prevent attacks and data breaches.


Improving user retention with the use of functionality like push notifications.


Ability to be installed on the users device home screen or for quick access.

What are the benefits of Progressive Web Apps?

Create an engaging, user-focussed experience that helps accelerate conversions by merging mobile and website as one.

There are also cost benefits when compared to native app development, but let’s look at some of the other benefits:

  1. Budget Friendly
  2. High Engagement
  3. Quick load times
  4. Secure
  5. Light Codebase
  6. Offline Usage
  7. Cross Platform
  8. Simple Installation
  9. SEO Optimised

Are you looking for a reliable PWA development agency?

Why use Code23 for your Progressive Web Application development?

A fully supported service

We offer you the full support of our expert PWA development agency. From digital strategists, project managers, UX/UI designers, developers and even advice from our in-house marketing team, a full support system is in place here in Reading, Berkshire for your business.
Speak to our team today to start your project.

Collaborative approach

Our team will work with you to understand your product’s challenges and will advise you on the best solution for your business.
Our expertise in Progessive Web Application development allows you the freedom to flex your creative muscles and not be limited by dull design themes and pre-programmed tools – giving you the freedom to flourish.

Delivering PWA for over 5 years

We have been building Progessive Web Applications for over 5 years and whilst we’re proud of our past successes, our attention has always remained focussed on facing the future through our core values.
Like the online world, our agency’s experience has grown rapidly over the years. From building brochure websites to developing business-critical apps and complex eCommerce websites.

Multi-sector experience

We have worked in a wide variety of industries, from online retail and e-commerce systems, to platforms in the financial, music, wellness, education and trade sectors, with every sector having a set of bespoke challenges to overcome.
Your project can benefit from our multi-sector experience, creating a stress tested and profit generating business from day one.

Increase engagement and boost conversions with a PWA development

Our 6 stage process for successful PWA development

1. Product Discovery

- Understand the business goals

- Identify the target audience

- Discuss the functionality and features

4. Development

- Architecture and development

- Pre launch in-depth QA

- Release a scalable product to market

2. User Experience (UX)

- Confirm it achieves the user's goals

- Create low fidelity diagrams

- Walk-through user journeys

5. Optimisation

- Analyse user behaviour and data

- Resolve user barriers

- Review and align business goals

3. User Interface (UI)

- Design wireframes

- Create high fidelity screens

- Cross-device responsiveness

6. Support & Growth

- Managed cloud hosting and devops

- Continued development support

- Further alignment of business goals

Google 5.0 star rating

Work with our 5-Star rated
UK based Progressive Web App team

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Vintage Roots

New eCommerce site for award winning drinks supplier who specialise in 100% organic wine.

  • Digital Strategy Workshop
  • Bespoke UX/UI Design
  • 144% increase in conversions
  • 47% lower bounce rate
  • 32% more users
  • Hosting & Support
Visit Case Study

G&T Executive

Progressive Web Application developed for G&T Executive, a luxury chauffeur and executive car hire service company based in Berkshire.

  • Digital Strategy
  • UX Design Workshop
  • PWA Development
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    Frequently asked questions

    A PWA is a web-based application that can be “installed” on a user’s device or browser.
    Unlike a native app, they are able to work when an internet connection is low, or non-existent, by leveraging data cached during the user’s last active session.
    Progressive Web Apps are the best way for developers to make their apps load faster and improve brand visibility online.

    Building your app in the form of a PWA will reduce the development time and enables you to create an engaging, user-focussed experience that will help accelerate conversions.
    What’s more, when compared to native app development, you will see significant cost reductions, security improvements, and gain the ability for your users to browse offline. But what are some of the other benefits?

    1. Fast-loading times
    2. Light Codebase
    3. Secure
    4. Engaging
    5. SEO Friendly
    6. Offline Usage
    7. Easy Installation
    8. Cost Effective
    9. Cross Platform

    There are four minimum requirements needed for your app to be classed as a Progressive Web Application. Google has provided some guidance on this with a helpful checklist, which has been simplified below:

    1. Web App Manifest
      A json file that gives meta information about the PWA. Information such as the icon, background colour and name etc. are stored here.
    2. Service Workers
      Service Workers act as a proxy between the network and app. They are event-driven and run in the background. They are able to intercept cache information and network requests to be used to load data in an offline setting.
    3. Icon
      When a user installs a Progressive Web Application an app icon is displayed on their device or browser. This could be a simple jpeg, png or svg. The Web App Manifest can be used to generate the icon.
    4. Served over HTTPS
      A PWA must be hosted on a secure network (HTTPS), alongside a valid SSL certificate, the app could be using services like Cloudflare.

    A typical PWA project will take 6-12 weeks to complete depending on the features and functionality required. Our approach starts with the Research and Product Discovery phase, before moving into User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI), and finally into PWA development.
    But we don’t stop there. Unlike other providers, we will guide and support you as your business grows and challenges throughout your journey.

    The short answer is that the cost of PWA development will depend entirely on the features and functionality required.
    The first step in our approach is always the Product Discovery stage, from which we will better understand your requirements and create a business roadmap forward with you.

    Yes. We offer you the full support of our expert digital product development and agency team. From project managers, UX designers, digital managers, developers and even advice from our in-house marketing team, a full support system is in place for your business.

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