WordPress Support,Hosting & Maintenance

Protect your website and stop it falling victim to online attacks.We’ll take care of essential WordPress updates and maintenancejobs to ensure you’re online and visible 24/7.

Our WordPress Care Plans give you the peace of mind that your website investmentis fully up-to-date, optimised and protected against malicious attacks.


Keeping your WordPress website updated, virus-free, and secure from harm.

WordPress websites are fantastic for your business as they allow you to make changes and add content. It’s the reason so many companies opt for this popular website CMS. But you need to look after them. WordPress websites are under constant fire from hackers, and those plug-ins and themes that make it such a great choice are the reason so many get caught out.

We want you to run a successful business and not worry about online nasties who are out to compromise your website. Our WordPress Maintenance Plans give you complete peace of mind, leaving you free to run your business…

Website back-ups

Accidents and hacks will happen. What would you do if you lost all your images and content right now? With regular, timely back-ups, we can roll your website back in no time…

Website support

Need changes, updates, or advice? There’s nothing worse than not knowing what to do about a problem. With our WordPress packages you’ll get access to our team of helpful experts and a wealth of knowledge to help you.

WordPress Updates

WordPress, like any software, needs to be kept updated and secure. We’ll test all the latest versions before we update them and make sure your website is using the latest versions. We’ll prevent you going offline due to compatibility issues.

Speed and Performance

Speed is so important because Google ranks faster sites above slower ones. Your site visitors won’t hang around and wait for a slow site to load. We’ll continually monitor your website speed and work with you to keep it in the fast lane.

Security & 24/7 Monitoring

It’s unlikely that you’ll be there at the very moment a hacker or virus tries to get in. That’s why we’ll add monitoring software to your website so we can act quickly if something bad does happen. Forewarned is forearmed.

Strategies & reporting

Very few things stay still in the online world so you must keep up. We’ll be your partner, working with you to make continual improvements with targeted reporting. We’ll offer you proven, professional expertise you can rely on.

Care plan pricing

We offer a set of care plan packages to suit a range of budgets. You can even tailor your own package depending on what you need, just choose ’custom’ below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who looks after my website?

We do. We don’t outsource the work and our expert team are onsite and trusted.

Can I still add content myself?

Yes. You can still add blogs, edit copy, and upload images – but we recommend you leave the bigger updates (plug-ins, themes, and WordPress versions) to us. Websites can and do break. We’ll test everything first, so we don’t cause your site to go down. It’s a lot more than just pressing an ‘update’ button.

I have a current website issue. Can you help?

We can. We’ll quote to fix the current issue first before offering you our support package. It might be simple, or it might require a little more work, but once you’re online with us we’ll makes sure you don’t have any further issues.

You’ll also have access to our team of experts so you can ask before you make changes or before you get anyone else involved.

Do you only work with websites you built yourself?

No. We’ll work with any WordPress website build so long as you can supply us with the CMS login, domain access, and FTP details.

Will I be locked into a contract?

We ask that you work with us for a minimum of three months and then we’ll move you to a rolling monthly contract.

How do I pay?

We accept all major credit cards and you can set up a monthly payment through direct debit. You can cancel any time after the first three-month period.

When can I contact your support team?

Our team are available Monday – Friday, 9am-5pm.

What if I need more support?

If you feel you need more support with us then we can quote for a more bespoke plan. Please contact us for details.

Can you host my website as well?

Of course, and we can assure you that it’ll be fast and secure, too. It’s not essential that we do your hosting, but it does make more sense to bring it all in-house to us.

If I have more than one website, is there a discount?

We absolutely do offer multi-site deals. Please get in touch to speak to a member of the team.