XP Power

A custom software solution enabling distributors to sell directly to consumers.


A custom platform, built from the ground up.

XP Power is an electronic component reseller. They came to Code23 to have a custom platform built from the ground up. Enabling distributors of XP Power products to sell directly to consumers. And customers to search for and buy products from the most suitable suppliers.


A multilingual platform for visitors to search for electronic components

The Code23 development team set to work building a custom software solution, based on the Laravel PHP framework.

Creating a multilingual platform that allows visitors from around the world to search for electronic components, based on either requirements or part numbers. 

Users can search for very specific details, even if they don’t have part numbers. They’re also able to identify distributors that have the product in stock, and how many are available. Visitors then click through to the distributors’ website to buy.

The team built out a selection of other resources on the platform to attract and support customers. Including a blog and content hub. With a range of videos and how-to guides for installing and testing their components.

Increase in traffic
Increase in new visitors
More pages visited

The Results are in...

  • 28% increase in website traffic
  • 31% increase in new users
  • 17% increase in total number of sessions