Evergreen SEO Agency

Adding £200K of value in 12 months – Turning a website into a lead generation powerhouse.


They Needed a Complete Rebrand

The Evergreen Agency is a super successful Oxford based SEO agency with a clear vision: To become known as the No.1 SEO agency in the UK

Aaron and the Evergreen team approached us here at Code23 to completely rebrand and overhaul their website and give it a high-end, modern look. They wanted to turn it from a cranky, slow, and quite frankly outdated brochure site into a lead generation machine!

After chatting with the team about long term goals for their business, we concluded what they needed was a website with the functionality to capture leads and provide a range of content to take visitors through all the stages of the customer journey. Enabling them to automate much of their sales and marketing process, saving more time for making tea implementing award-winning SEO campaigns.

The site also needed to answer any questions potential clients might have and give them a feel for working with the company with informative videos, client testimonials, and answers to those all-important FAQ’s. 


A New Website. Designed for Conversion.

We completely redesigned and reinvigorated the website, modernising all the visual assets and branding to give everything a fresh and highly distinctive feel.

Important resources for customers at all stages in their buyer journey are now helpfully implemented across the site. From blog posts and articles showcasing Evergreen’s expertise and informative videos that give customers a great feel for the company, to client testimonials and FAQs to answer any and all-important questions!

Our clever UX folks designed and structured the entire site to engage and encourage users, with clear calls to action and simple but effective user journeys, and most importantly guiding them to take the next step and sign up for the free video strategy session. 

Following our tried and tested signature system, we optimised the new website for conversions “Turning browsers into buyers” (said loudly for full effect). A process that has continued after the website has launched. The converting leads, not the shouting.

Tools were installed to monitor website usage and performance and enable us to make constant improvements on a monthly basis and ensure Evergreen continue to reach their lead generation goals on their journey to becoming the UK’s No. 1 SEO agency.

Increase in visibility
Increase in email signups
More enquiries

The Results are in...

  • 157% increase in visibility (visits to the website)
  • 45% increase in email signups
  • 92+ enquiries in the first 3 months after launch ( a 3x increase on the previous website
  • New website value to the agency in the first 12 months, circa £200K

Since launching the website back in February the number of visits has increased by a whopping 157%. In addition to this boost in website visitors, Evergreen have seen a 45% increase in email signups and 92+ enquiries in the first three months after launch. A 3x increase on the previous website!

The value of the new website to the agency in the first 12 months is expected to be about £200K. Drinks on them!