National Apprenticeship Week: An interview with Marlowe

We sat down with our very own Marlowe Frankum during National Apprenticeship Week to hear about his experiences, day-to-day life and the highlights of his time as an apprentice.

Having recently completed his Digital Marketing Apprenticeship, Marlowe has earned himself a full time position at Code23 as Jr. Account Executive.

Why did you choose a Digital Marketing Apprenticeship?

I didn’t enjoy school very much. It wasn’t suited to my learning style and I wanted to start my working career in a fast moving, professional environment.

What tasks did you complete on a day-to-day basis?

Day to day I’d be working alongside the Head of Marketing, supporting the creation of content calendars, posting on social media and assisting with marketing campaigns across organic and paid channels.

I was also responsible for running to the shops to get lunch for the rest of the team!

What is it like working for Code23? What has been the biggest lesson you’ve learned?

Code23 is a fun and professional place to work. I have really enjoyed feeling like a valued member of the team and sharing in the success of the business.

The biggest lesson I’ve learnt is how to communicate in a variety of different ways (with clients and colleagues), as this is something they do not teach you at school.

What was the highlight of your apprenticeship?

For me it was all about the journey: Watching my team have more trust in me, being given more responsibility and observing my confidence grow within the industry.

What is the best bit of advice you’ve been given?

To keep a good attitude and be open to learning new things.

What advice would you give to those thinking about starting an apprenticeship?

Everyone works in different ways. I was very driven and hands-on when it came to learning, so following the apprentice route was a clear winner for me. If you feel the same way I would 100% recommend pursuing an apprenticeship in a field you are passionate about.

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