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Power your web, mobile or desktop application with a customLaravel web development solution from Code23

Power your web, mobile or desktop application with a customLaravel web development solution from Code23


At Code23 we’ve worked with PHP for over 15 years and consider laravel web development to be the best solution for building web-based applications & products

Laravel is a PHP based framework used to design bespoke web applications and enterprise-level solutions. Since the first release in 2011, it’s harnessed the power of PHP and evolved into a powerful lightweight framework empowering developers by enabling them to build feature-rich applications in less time.

Laravel provides a simple, clean PHP framework on which to build scalable, future-proof solutions. According to Google Trends Laravel has been gathering momentum over the past few years overtaking its main competitors including CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Zend Framework and Yii in popularity.

Recent Laravel Web Development Projects

Why use us for your next Laravel project?

With a wealth of experience in laravel development, we have proven track record for creating beautiful, engaging and successful products and web applications for our clients.

We Host Strategy Workshops

Before we start UX design our team of strategists will run consultation workshops with you. This creates effective collaboration to drive the project in the best direction and ensure we are creating the best digital strategy initiatives for you.

We Are Highly Experienced

It can be a daunting experience developing your first marketplace project. We've been creating successful marketplaces for over 10 years, gaining a wealth of experience that is invaluable to our clients.

We Use The Latest Technologies

Our custom marketplace platforms are built using the latest opensource technologies such as Laravel PHP and Vue.js. When combined with cloud hosting this creates a highly scalable, fast and secure marketplace that is built to grow with your business.

We Are Agile

Our agile approach to marketplace development enables us to deliver faster, better results. Working in sprints allows us to focus on MVP features, allowing us to launch quickly while simultaneously releasing versions of your marketplace along the way.

Why we love Laravel for custom web development

Development Speed

Laravel's approach to development means we're not shackled to one particular way of working. It makes light work of the everyday tasks allowing us to get on with the actual functionality our customers want! The benefits to our client are not only the reduction in development time but also cost.


The ability to tailor-make a solution ensures the application remains tuned with performance in mind. Out of the box, Laravel provides the means to use most of the best third-party "performance in mind" services on the market!


Built with security in mind, Laravel helps us to develop your application or website by providing authentication and authorisation scaffolding built-in. No more insecure passwords or unprotected routes into your apps.


With its ever-increasing popularity, Laravel's community of PHP developers continue to support the development of this robust framework.


With the right infrastructure and architecture in place, it is highly scalable. It has built-in support for caching, cloud storage, session drivers, and read-write separation of the database.

Third-Party Integration

Laravel integrates well with Windows and UNIX servers and all the major databases. As well as all the major frontend libraries/techniques such as VueJS, ReactJS, AngularJS. Implementing Stripe or Paypal only takes seconds.

Testing and Debugging

Built with testing in mind, it’s supported with PHP Unit for unit tests and Laravel Telescope for debugging. So time spent on testing is minimised and high-quality results ensured.

Traffic Handling Capabilities

Laravel applications are able to handle millions of users. With it’s growing popularity and continued development, it’s also future-proof.

Modular Web Application

Laravel has over 20+ distinctive Object Oriented libraries, enabling the developers at Code23 to create responsive modular web applications.

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