Best WooCommerce Plugins 2020

Best WooCommerce Plugins 

As a free, scalable and secure website hosting provider, it’s no wonder that WordPress has become a go-to choice for many businesses. When it comes to eCommerce, choosing the best hosting provider and, further down the line, the best eCommerce plugin, can make or break a lead and a sale, a click and a conversion, an enquiry and a purchase. 

This brings us on nicely to WooCommerce, which is without a doubt the most popular eCommerce plugin for eCommerce with WordPress. Not only is the initial plugin available without additional costs, it’s completely adaptable, and in general, acknowledged as the go-to plugin. This means that there are a vast amount of integrations, themes and additional features available to download that can improve the eCommerce UX for customers. 

eCommerce UX

People like to buy stuff. People like to buy stuff quickly. The bottom line to successful eCommerce not only lies in the products you are selling, but how you are selling them. Creating the best possible eCommerce UX will depend on the plugins you use, and the additional plugins you install that extend the existing functions. These should be installed with a constant aim of boosting your online store to make it the best it can possibly be. 

78 percent of customers have backed out of a purchase because of poor customer experience.

This is a staggering statistic, which just goes to show the importance of maintaining your eCommerce website and going above and beyond to ensure UX isn’t brushed under the rug. 

What to focus on

  • Customer retention
  • Cart abandonment
  • Product display & information 
  • Shipment and tracking integrations 

With any plugin or new feature to your website, always consider the following: How does this improve the online shopping experience for my customers? 

Why WooCommerce

Acquired by Automatic in 2015, WooCommerce is the powerhouse eCommerce plugin for WordPress. It currently powers 8 % of all eCommerce sites, which is a pretty big percentage if you really think about it. What’s more, it powers 21% of the top 1 million sites. What does this tell us? That it’s a trusted eCommerce plugin, popular across the web. 

The statistics speak for themselves, which is why Code23 work in partnership with WooCommerce across eCommerce specific projects where necessary.

WooCommerce integrates with all products, including:

  • Digital goods
  • Physical products
  • Subscriptions or appointments

What’s more, with various shipping and payment options built-in, it’s truly a failsafe option. 

The best WordPress plugins for eCommerce sites are those which consider the end-user at every point. 

Best plugins to help with Cart abandonment 

75 % of users abandon their shopping cart. See this statistic as a chance to capitalise. Ask yourself- why such a high percentage? What is it that has stopped them from making a final purchase?

Find room for opportunity within your shopping cart process, as there are plenty of WooCommerce plugins designed to help with conversion. 

Some of the best cart plugins include:

The top reasons for cart abandonment

  • Extra costs
  • Having to create an account
  • Complex process
  • Didn’t trust site
  • Delivery too slow 
  • Returns policy 

Consider these features of your checkout process. There’s always room for improvement – so try and find yours.  

Best plugins to improve customer UX

  • WooCommerce Currency Switcher 
  • Shipment Tracking
  • Doo Finder
  • Beeketing 
  • Live Chat WooCommerce Chart 
  • Direct Checkout 
  • WooCommerce Menu Cart
  • YITH WooCommerce Compare 

eCommerce can be a bit of a minefield. Trying to make it as easy as possible for your customers to find the product they’re looking for can make all the difference. As discussed in our blog post on Responsive Web Design, the simpler your layout, and simpler the accessibility to the product, the better. 

WooCommerce Currency Switcher  

A multi-currency switcher is a vital plugin for eCommerce companies trading internationally. How frustrating would it be for a customer to reach the point of sale, to then realise that they cannot complete the purchase in their currency? 

With over 50,000 active installations, WooCommerce Currency Switcher allows visitors to switch currencies in real-time, and with custom features and various design options, you can tailor it to suit your website down to a T. 

Shipment Tracking 

Nowadays, customers are looking for more than just an easy checkout. People like to keep on track of where their parcels are, and if there have been any problems along the way. Keeping customers in the know makes you a reliable and trustworthy company to purchase from, and building trust with a customer is one of the key ways you can ensure retention. WooCommerce Shipment Tracking allows for all this, and includes tracking lists for the following providers:

  • Australia Post
  • Canada Post
  • City Link
  • DHL
  • DPD
  • Fastway South Africa
  • FedEx
  • OnTrac
  • ParcelForce
  • Polish shipping providers
  • Royal Mail
  • SAPO
  • TNT Express (consignment)
  • TNT Express (reference)
  • UPS
  • USPS

Doo Finder

With fast, accurate results DooFinder is an incredibly popular plugin. This free plugin is brilliant for site navigation. Customers will want to find the products they want, and fast. If you’re looking for a specific product, Doo Finder will be your best friend. 


Beeketing is a fantastic plugin, which helps businesses increase sales by targeting customers and capitalising on consumer behaviour. The features of this plugin have carefully considered ways to boost revenue, tapping into the mind of the customer. 

Methods of retention made possible with Beeketing include: 

  • Automated follow-up campaigns 
  • Target exit-intent customers to increase change of completing orders
  • Upselling and cross-selling of products, based on what the particular consumer has previously bought
  • Social proof to incentivise customers (showing what other people are buying)
  • Seamless integration, responsive UX and a focus on analytics  

Live Chat WooCommerce Chart

Giving users and customers access to helpful info when they need it can not only enhance a shopping experience but can help with customer loyalty. Live chat is now seen as an absolute staple for any eCommerce website; whether you are selling a product or service, there will likely be specific questions customers have, or queries that may affect whether they shop or not. Rather than a lengthy email chain back and forth, LiveChat for WooCommerce provides a perfect platform through which to connect to your customers directly. 

  • Creates a more personal online shopping experience
  • Can help with customer loyalty 
  • Problems are often resolved more quickly

Direct Checkout 

Direct Checkout simplifies the checkout process and, when used correctly, can significantly contribute to your sales revenue targets. By skipping the shopping cart page, customers can be directly taken to the checkout page. This is great for catching the traffic of shoppers looking for a quick and easy purchase, who have come to your online store with a specific purpose. 

WooCommerce Menu Cart

WooCommerce Menu Cart WooCommerce Menu Cart is a great little plugin again focuses on simplifying the checkout and purchase process by adding a shopping cart button to the navigation bar. In terms of UX, this can remind shoppers of items in their shopping bag and make a more inclusive online shopping experience. What’s more, this plugin works with you, allowing you to customise your own CSS and display the cart wherever you fancy. 

Why MenuCart?

  • Can help prevent shoppers doubting item purchase
  • Helps in choosing the most suitable item
  • Considers user’s experience and shopping habits

YITH WooCommerce Compare

For UX, YITH WooCommerce Compare can give your website a boost, allowing users to compare multiple items at once on screen. This comparison tool can help users to make a purchase without having to flit back from screen to screen. 

Again, this visual aid tool works to make the online shopping experience better for the end user. When implementing new WordPress eCommerce plugins, this should always be at the forefront of your mind. 

A more streamlined website results in loyal customers and a higher ROI, so investing in the best plugins is a move that will certainly pay for itself. This article is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the vast array of plugins out there. 

Integrate some of the above with your eCommerce website and see where it takes you. If you are new to the world of WooCommerce, Code23 can help you, with eCommerce website design and development

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